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Love your rental. Enjoy your life.

Who doesn't want a simple easy way of managing rental property? Whether you're at home or on the go it's never been easier. MyPropertyManager is like an assistant allowing you to manage your properties, tenants, prospects and service request intuitively and in minimal time.

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Happy Tenant, Happy You

MyPropertyManager even makes tenant's lives simpler and easier allowing them to see their rent history, receive notices, pay or change their payment details and submit service request at anytime. Best of all its directly connected to your Landlord's dashboard so you can keep track of it all with ease too.


Easy peezy management is just the beginning...

  • Be legally compliant in only a few clicks

    Knowing your tenant's past is knowing your rental future

  • Leases

    Having a proper lease will mean clear
    requirements and legal certainty

  • Electronic Rent Collection

    Paid on time - easily and quickly into your bank
    account.The two best things you could hear as a landlord!

  • Service Request

    Repairs happen. Get notified, manage it, be
    done with it!

  • Home Warranty

    Peace of mind for your biggest asset.

  • File repository

    Who really wants to go searching thru paper
    files? In a couple clicks

  • Easy Accounting

    Make your end of year just as easy as your management

  • Tenant Relationship Manager

    Keep your communication lines open!

For the Pros

Do you have a lot properties? Are you a Property Manager? Don't worry we're made for you too!

We've been working with professional Landlords holding and property managers with hundreds of units for over 5 years. We understand your needs and since we're trying to make life easier for the small landlord why not make yours just easy. We'll be announcing a slue of features, product add-ons and integrations in the coming months designed specifically with you in mind.

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